Hirschville, ND

The hope of owning land, free land in a free country was the magnet which attracted Casper Hirsch and his family to the Great Northwest Hirschville, NDbetween 1900 and 1902.  They homesteaded about 14 miles north of Gladstone, ND.

On December 12, 1910, Casper and Marianna donated six acres of land for a country church – St. Philip’s Catholic Church – to hold services for the German speaking immigrants.  Shortly after the church was completed, Casper established a Grocery and Hardware store nearby. 

On May 11, 1911, a U.S. Post office was annexed to the General store.  Mail was delivered from Taylor, ND on Tuesday’s and Saturday’s.  The station was called Hirschville in commemoration of its founder, Casper Hirsch. 

Roads crossing the Muecke hills of North Dakota were built and a mail route from Gladstone was established impeding the hopes of Hirschville becoming a town.  The Hirschville Post Office was closed September 15, 1920.  The grocery stores were discontinued soon after.  The rural areas of North Dakota have been depopulating for decades and in 1997 St. Philip's was closed. The Church was sold and torn down.

Hirschville is located in Dunn County at coordinates
latitude 47.068 and longitude -102.564

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