January 19, 1912
Hirschville, ND

A nice greeting to you dear relatives brother-in-law and sister Raphael and Susanna Mosbrucker and your children.  We are letting you know that we are well, God be thanked, which we wish also for you from our whole heart.

You asked us how we made out in the store.  From 1911 to 1912 we took in $3224.17.  This will give you an idea how we have fared.  It is little enough, but our family alone needs a store.  Thirteen persons eat almost everything.  It would have been worse had we not had the store.  We threshed 208 bushels flax from 36 acres, 83 bushels of wheat from 75 acres, and 8 bushels oats from 22 acres.  That is all.  I hired Johannes and paid him $200 for the year.  And the whole family also cost something.  [Thirteen people included immediate and extended family.] 

Dear relatives, I am letting you know I am tired of North Dakota.  I would like to sell out and return to New York.  I think if I could buy one or two houses there I would be better off.  Like we do here, we wouldn’t have to freeze as much.  What do you think of my idea?

Now a nice greeting to you Uncle Georg and Aunt Lutzia Mosbrucker.  Maybe you would go along to New York also.  It is much better there than here.  And, we are all well and wish the same for you from our hearts.  I wrote in large letters so you could read it easier.

Also a nice greeting to our Gevaterman [Godfather or baptismal sponsor] Nikolaus and his wife.  Maybe he would have the desire to go along to New York?

Please answer soon.

Casper and Marianna Hirsch
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