Christmas Letter
December, 19xx
I love the country and I love the winter and I truly love the country in winter.  Your Christmas card last year spoke of drilling for oil.  Did they find it on the farm south of yours and have you drilled on your farm?  Did you go to Washington DC last spring?  I only went on one short trip and that for 24 hours.  My youngest sister was here from Loveland, Colorado with her son & his wife.  They and my sister Cathern & I went to see our sister Twylah and family at Medford.  I called Violet Liske and she came in town for the evening.  Violet's mother Lizzie is still at the nursing home.  They say her memory is failing.  I haven't seen her for a couple years.  I have written but never hear from her.  Saw her picture tho & she has lost a lot of weight.

Audry Schwindt had a stroke last spring.  However, she is in a convalescent home and having therapy.  Hope she gets on her own again by spring.  We are keeping her cockatoo for her until then.  LeRoy her brother, called last evening.  Just those 2 are left in that family of Theresa & John Schwindt.

Hope you are all well.  We are and everyone is working or going to school.  Gwen is working one day a week for a lawyer in Waukesha-however she worked all this week.  She likes it very much and he is a real nice person.  Yes, I made a quilt for Gwen this summer and as soon as the Holidays are over I want to quilt it by hand.  There are 35 (10" square) blocks with 3 1/2 strips in between  [Bessie drew a picture-fan shaped pieces with white back ground.] blueberry colored strips and back of the quilt is white assorted blue patterned material.

I love to sew.  Never in my life have I had a boring moment.  Every year I have given my 10 grandchildren a Christmas tree ornament.  This year I crocheted little white baskets stiffened them and filled them with miniature plastic fruit.  They are cute & colorful.  Are you still painting?  I can imagine that is great fun, creative and relaxing.  Cordavee called & I sure enjoyed talking to her.  God Bless you all and keep you.

God Bless You

Love  You Much,
Bessie Hirsch
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