Christmas Letter
December, 1987
I love winter-I have snow-and pale gray skies with black tree etchings across the horizon and a splash of red of the cardinal bird, and the beautiful six sided no two alike-snowflakes.

Creator could make such things of beauty for us to enjoy.  Hope you are both well.  We all are.  My son Roger had a heart attack last Jan 28th.  Had 2 by pass heart operations in February.  Is back to work again and looks real good.  Praise God for answered prayers.  We were all together- My 3 sons & all their families for Thanksgiving at Gwens & Davids.  It was most enjoyable.  Everyone is either working or going to school.  And I have been busy too all this year.  Made a quilt--hand quilted--for Gwen and it took 2 ribbons at the fair this year in Waukesha.  A blue ribbon 1st place and a purple ribbon, Champion.  I'm ready to start another for grandson John III & wife.  

God Bless You  and give you a Joyous Holiday Season

Love  always,
Bessie Hirsch
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