February 15, 1908
A nice and heartfelt greeting and kiss from your mother to you my dear children Rafel and Susana and your children Mosbruger.  I am letting you know that I, God be thanked, am well and this dear healthiness I wish for you also with all my heart.  The best wish in the world is good health

Also a nice greeting from us Georg and Katharina and our children Kistner.  We are letting you know that, God be thanked, we are all well and the same healthiness we wish also for you.

From our hearts, dear brother-in-law Rafel, we want to propose that you get together with Kasper and provide the money to send us a free card
[ticket for transportation] so that we too can come to America to you.  For in Russia there will again be a big war.  We are strewn all over the world.  You are in America, Kasper is in America, Genefefa and also Andreas are in Orenburg [Orenburg is both a city in a district by the same name.  The city is 990 miles southeast of Moscow on the right bank of the Ural River.], Wilhelm is in Siberia, Rosa in Gaboga [Likely this is a village or estate in South Russia, probably somewhere in the Black Sea region.  Some of the German colonists in the Black Sea region immigrated to Siberia and also to the province Orenburg], Johannes in Bastad,  and we don't know where Christianna is.  Her husband abandoned her and left her sitting in Siberia, and we haven't yet heard from her.

Send us your address, and please answer our letter soon.  
[On the side is written: we lost your address.] 
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