This site is in honor of my Great Grandpa 

Casper Hirsch

founder of Hirschville, ND.

Casper & Marianna Hirsch

The Dania

Casper, Marianna and baby Regine came to the United States via Ellis Island on Apr 16, 1892 from Hamburg on The Dania.
The hope of owning land, free land in a free country was the magnet which attracted Casper Hirsch and his family to the Great Northwest between 1900 and 1902.  Homesteading northwest of Taylor, ND as early as 1893 were German speaking immigrants from Russia whose forefathers had immigrated to Russia from Germany and Poland in the early 1800’s.  These homesteaders were predominantly devout Catholics.

St. Philip's ChurchOn December 12, 1910, Casper and Marianna Hirsch donated six acres of land for a country church – St. Philip’s Catholic Church – to hold services for the German speaking immigrants.

This website has been created in tribute to our ancestors. Jeff and Tracy want to thank the many family members that have contributed stories, pictures, and ancestry information. Together we can explore our past, fill in the gaps, and preserve our family story.