Date Update
03/07/2010Casper's Land Patent documet uploaded to historical documents in the photo gallery
02/28/2010Ancestry chart updated
01/23/2010Ancestry chart updated to 3,028 individuals and a few pictures linked to various individuals.
10/04/2009It has been a long time coming but a few changes updated to the Ancestry chart 
03/14/2009Ancestry chart updated to 2,842 individuals and a few pictures linked to various individuals.
03/08/2009Ancestry chart updated to 2,816 individuals. 
Quite a few pictures linked to various individuals.
03/02/2009Ancestry chart updated to 2,732 individuals.                           
02/21/2009Linked over 100 photos to various individuals in the ancestry chart.  We are running out of photos but still have a lot of available space.....send in your old and new photos!!!  The more photos we have the better the charts will look.
Uploaded about 70 pictures to ancestry chart (you can't see them until we link them to individuals) and about 30 pictures have been uploaded to the gallery but are currently uncategorized
Ancestry chart updated to 2,600 individuals.
02/17/2009Linked about 50 photos to various individuals in the ancestry chart.
If you open a picture you can enlarge/shrink the photo by pressing the "I" or "O" key multiple times, or by using the mouse wheel (if you have one)
02/16/2009See the location of the most recent visitors to, along with a bunch of other statistics.
Linked about 100 photos to various individuals in the ancestry chart.
02/15/2009Ancestry chart updated to 2,561 individuals.
164 of 340 uncategorized photos have been categorized in the photo gallery
02/12/2009Updated the ancestry database software and there are some new features.
  • On individual records there is now a tree tab that will show ancestors of that individual.  You can also click on someone listed to see additional information and go to their tree tab.
  • There is an Interactive Tree listed under Charts menu that shows everyone in the tree, you can drag the tree around with your mouse.
  • Under Charts menu, click on Statistics for some interesting views into the data in the tree.
  • Look around as there are probably other new things that we haven't found.
Ancestry chart now has 2,539 individuals.   Quite a bit of individual information has been updated or fixed.
281 photos have been uploaded to the Ancestry chart, they all need to be linked to individuals before they will be visible.... so it may take awhile.  Most if not all of the photos in the ancestry chart will also be the photo gallery.
340 photos have also been uploaded to the gallery but are currently uncategorized.  You can watch a slideshow of these pictures.
01/27/2009Ancestry chart now has 2,528 individuals.  In addition, a few more photos have been uploaded to individual records.
01/21/2009We've had a flurry of interest in the website with new people submitting information. Your ancestry chart has been increased to 2,449 individuals.
12/20/2008Sorry for the long absence of updates, seems like most of our time has been used up with the holidays and work.    Total individuals now in ancestry chart - 2,376
10/26/2008 More pictures have been linked to individual records within the ancestry chart.   Family letters have been added
10/25/2008 Tracy is updating the ancestry chart faster than I can update the updates page - there are currently 2,237  individuals and she's been going through every record looking for missing family links.  If you are not logged into the ancestry chart you will not be able to access Tracy's or my record.  If you do not have a login account, visit this page  to request an account.  Let us know how you are related - giving us the name of at least one living relative so that we can verify access.
10/17/2008 We've seperated the Hirsch and Williams family lines into seperate photo albums.  Hirsch line photos are still located here and the Williams line is located on their site.
Total individuals in ancestry chart - 2,051
10/15/2008 More people (20 generations of family records) have been added to the ancestry chart; - total of 2,043 individuals
10/15/2008 has had visits from the following places 
United States
    WI, ND, SD, CA, MT, VA, AL, IL, OR, AR, FL, GA, KS, MI, MN, NM, TX, WA, CO, MA, CT
    British Columbia &  Saskatchewan 
Belize, Germany, Poland, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Ireland
10/12/2008 Added a family letter, added a few pictures and 28 individuals to the ancestry chart; - 2,004 individuals now.
We've figured out the problem with multiple records.  It was due to an upgrade to our ancestry chart software - most records have been cleaned up but we still have a few to go.
10/11/2008 Can you believe that you are related to 1,976 other people??  They can all be found in the ancestry chart, as we just added 1039 individuals.
We did notice that there may be multiple records when using the "Events of close relatives" checkbox - we are researching it.  It shouldn't cause any issues other than it is an annoyance.
10/04/2008 We are back!!  After a three week hiatus (two in County Wicklow, Ireland and one in Sedona, AZ) we are available again to make updates to the site.
Uploaded pictures to the ancestry chart and the gallery
09/06/2008 Google maps have been integrated into the ancestry chart.  When you click on a location a map will be displayed with its location e.g. Hirschville, ND.
Not all locations have been linked yet.  If you find one, let me know and I'll get the coordinates updated.
09/05/2008 We have over 900 individuals in the ancestry chart now
09/02/2008 We received over 300 photos this past weekend!  They will slowly be added to the site.  Some have been uploaded to the ancestry chart
08/27/2008 has squatters  :)
We welcome Tracy Hirsch's family... their family site is located at
updated St. Philips Church page with a link to an interesting interview that looks to have been on PBS.
Any chance someone has this on video?
added to ancestry chart - we are up to 827 individuals
08/23/2008 added an ancestry chart user guide
added pictures linked to individuals/families within ancestry chart
added family letters
08/22/2008 Lots of pictures added
Lot of cleaning up of the ancestry chart, fixing duplicate entries, birthdates
08/20/2008 we have information on wikipedia too Hirschville and St. Philip's Catholic Church    
You too can edit/add to the information that is on Wikipedia - it is pretty easy too!
added Hayes, Neitzel, Underberg, Hormann, Sleights family trees.  We are up to 609 individuals in our chart
added link to Google satellite map of the St. Philips Church cemetery
08/17/2008 added pictures; ancestry chart, family letters
08/16/2008 added Casper's history and Journey to America
08/10/2008 added US census info: 1900 NY; 1910 ND; 1920 WI in Historical documents
added Hirsch timeline; lots of photos added
added St. Philip's Church 75th Jubilee available for download
added historical account of St. Philip's Church
08/03/2008 added passenger records for Casper, Marianna, and Regine Hirsch in Historical documents